Client: Three Pools

Contact: Tom Carter, Events Manager

Brief: Curate an exciting weekend 'Harvest Festival', incorporating both relaxing and active wellbeing experiences, as well as educational farming activities, at Three Pools Permaculture Farm.

Challenge: Encourage people who might not have had the chance to be involved in holistic activities and sustainable agriculture before, to do so.

Solution: We partnered with the idyllic working farm of Three Pools to design a fun, festival-style retreat with a varied itinerary to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Combining our signature playful party vibes of dance and music, alongside sustainable farming workshops and mindful nature adventures, we were able to create an intimate, rejuvenating and educational weekend. Together we ran activities onsite, such as sunrise yoga, growing your own herbal garden, composting, greenwood carpentry and kombucha & fermentation. The food was a focus, with participants eating healthy dinners all together in nature. This truly nourishing and soul-feeding experience also tied into Three Pools' vision to give people a real taste of permaculture.

Feedback: "Avln curated a truly wonderful intimate festival on our permaculture farm. They brought together people from all different walks of life to experience what it's like here at one of the most abundant times of the year. It was great to see so many people from the city coming to our farm and getting stuck into rural life. There were lots of insights and wisdom gained from the experience that people were able to take back to their city lives." Tom Carter