team building days - Avln

Avln offers team building days and corporate retreats with a difference. Ones which bring about positive change to the culture of your team, while enhancing sustainability-awareness. 

We support you to evaluate the cultural dynamic of your business with a focus on continuous learning and training through enquiry, curiosity and transparency.


Inspired by the Kaizen approach to change, we create strategies for people’s personal development, grounded in a shared commitment to nurture each other's growth, and your company’s mission.


  • Corporate retreats

  • Team building experiences

  • Community projects

  • Professional training

  • Introduction to sustainability

"We have unique solutions for today’s problems. By working together as co-creative communities, we can build a bright future for our children. Our mission is to share great teachings from cultures around the world, and inspire humanity to be that positive change."

Neil Greenwood (Founder of Avln)